What is the Used Engine Warranty?

All Engines and More warrants original buyers that used items sold is safe from deficiencies in material and craftsmanship following proper installation and following customary and normal use and services for customary time period and distances to terms/conditions below unless otherwise noted.

I) Terms:

a) All Engines and More, maintains sole discretion to repair or replace the alleged defective unit or component within 90 days and unlimited miles (unless otherwise noted) on parts only from the date of purchase. Available warrantees and guarantees excluded attached accessories and components such as all the seals, distributors, water pumps, clutches, manifolds, alternators, flywheels, timing belts (on belt-driven engines) and starters, et. al.

II) Customer's Obligations:

a) Customer must install new oil, oil filter, thermostat, spark plugs, coolant and tune up parts.

b) Customer must rod out radiator, change new water hoses, water pump, all seals and gaskets before installation.

c) Due to the variations and design on some models of Japanese version engines, customer is required to make necessary changes over on some parts such as change oil pan and oil pick up tube, dipstick, fly wheel, clutch assembly, distributor and smog device etc.

d) Customer is responsible to re-install all smog devices.

e) All belt-driving engines are required to install a new timing belt and set the right timing before installation is complete. See limitation(IIId).

f) Check and adjust valve clearance and tune up.

g) Customer is responsible to verify parts for fitness, proper size and application prior to installation.

We assume no liability for parts incorrectly installed as the result of errors in ordering, packing and shipping.

h) A certified ASE certified mechanic must install and approve of the installation process.

i) Warranty claims must first be filed with a representative from All Engins and More, which will then assign a Return Authorization Number (RAN) to the case before the product can be returned. Customer agrees to Return product in the same condition and assembly as it was delivered.

III) Limitations:

This warranty shall not apply to or include any of the following:

a) Repair or replacement as a result of any accident, misuse, collision, upset, fire, negligence, alteration, racing events, improper installation or repair.

b) Labor cost, downtime, towing charges, freight charges, rental and comprehensive insurance claims etc.

c) Oil leaks, blown head gasket and overheating due to poor cooling system.

d) Bent valves, lock up or back fire due to broken timing belt or wrong timing set. New timing must be installed on all belt-driving engines before installation.

e) Internal damage caused by dropping obstacles into combustion chambers.

f) The internal components of the long block assembly that are covered are the Pistons, Piston Rings, Piston Pins, Crankshaft and Main Bearings, Connecting Rods and Rod Bearings, Camshaft and Camshaft Bearings, Timing

g) Chain and Timing Gears, Intake and Exhaust Valves, Valve Springs, Oil Pump, Push Rods, Rocker Arms, Hydraulic Lifters, and Rocker Arm Shafts. The Engine Block and Cylinder Heads are only covered if damaged by a part listed above.

h) Marring or damages as a direct result of failure to use intended and customary parts or components from original equipment manufacturer will void any warrantees and guarantees. Services and maintenance not serviced by manufacturer can void any warrantees or guarantees.

i) Defective engine thrust from damaged or deficient clutch assemblies, transmission mounts, engine mounts, and defective torque converters voids any warrantees or guarantees.

j) Dilution of engine fluids or any other alteration of engine fluids voids any warrantees and guarantees.

k) Utilization of turbochargers are not included under guarantees or warrantees

l) Mazda rotary, higher performance racing engines or high performance transmissions are NOT covered under warrantee or guarantees.

m) Any damages from inappropriate application or lack of necessary engine fluids leading to failure voids any warrantees or guarantees. Provision of regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs are mandatory as well as documentation for such for warrantees and guarantees.

n) Neglect, unusual or aberrant operation(s), accident(s), mishandling, misuse, vandalism, criminal intent, malfeasance or individual modifications including nitrous oxide amendments or systems.

o) Installation of any component into a vehicle for which is was not designated or bought is NOT covered under any warrantees or guarantees. Same terms apply to marine engines and other components.

p) Due to the materials and composition of power train (engine, transmission, transfer case) components, we do not guarantee against surface rust that may accrue over time, as long as it does not affect the overall performance of the product sold. There is reasonable expectation that surface rust will form no matter if the product is stored on a shelf or left in the donor vehicle until the time of sale.

q) Used Transmissions: Warranty valid for 101 days from date of freight arrival or delivery only on parts. Electrical switches on transmission systems including their wiring system, shifting linkage and torque converter are NOT covered under warrantees or guarantees.

r) Modifying or altering heat tabs renders all warrantees and guarantees void.

s) If engine overheats, all warranties and guarantees shall be void. All engine-maintenance gauges and warning signals and devices must be fully functional. ***Please note that removal of heat tabs also voids any warranty immediately. 

Cylinder heads: Guaranteed ONLY not to be warped or cracked. Only the cylinder head itself is guaranteed and may need to be re-machined. Other parts that may accompany the cylinder head are NOT guaranteed and may need to be replaced. Orders of "Block Only" (Short or Long Block) are guaranteed to be re-buildable only. Electrical items such as engine computers and body control modules, transmission modules, transfer case modules are only guaranteed to have the correct manufacturer part number and are not sold for testing purposes. Warranty will be automatically voided if engine cylinder head has been removed from the block or the motor is altered in any way; no exceptions will be made.

Transmissions: We guarantee that the transmission will shift properly and for the gears and bearings to be good. Warranty may be voided if the following procedures and requirements are not met. We do not warranty outside sensors of any kind. A new transmission coolant must be installed, New oil, oil filter, gasket, and all seals replaced Transmission lines and coolers must be flushed to avoid contamination from bad fluids, Thoroughly clean all components of the transmission including oil pan before installation, for manual transmissions, you must install a new clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder. Must also fully engage the torque converter in front pump, you must also have your fly wheel turned prior to installation. Fill and check fluid to insure proper levels. The serial number on all returned parts MUST MATCH THE EXACT serial number of the part that was originally ordered. Customer must retain all service records and receipts to provide proof that conditions were met. The mechanic/shop installing the transmission needs to be able to provide us with their ASE certification and/or their license to do business in the state they are working out of. If the mechanic/shop refuses or can't provide us with their License and/or ASE Certification the warranty will become null and void.

We guarantee transmissions that it will shift properly, gears and bearings to be good. Thoroughly clean all components of the transmission including oil pan before assembly. Replace oil and filter in all automatic transmissions. You must replace ALL seals and gaskets prior to installation. Flush & flow test cooler and lines. Fully engage torque converter in front pump. For manual transmissions, you must install a new clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder. You must also have your fly wheel turned prior to installation. Fill and check fluid to insure proper levels. Seals in turbos are not guaranteed to be perfect. These seals may need replacing during the warranty period.

Electrical: All electrical items have a replacement warranty only. Up to one replacement will be sent in order to rectify a non-working module. Customer will be eligible for a refund when we are unable to find a replacement. Modules may need to be reset by the dealer. In the event this is required, the part cannot be returned until verified by the dealer that the part has been reset properly. Electrical parts that have been modified in any way will not be refunded. Items modified or taken apart for testing will not be available for return. Items returned that are not the original part shipped will not be refunded. PARTS ARE UNIQUELY IDENTIFIED BY MARKINGS ON THE PART. Items returned that are not in the original condition shipped (excluding items damaged in shipping and verified by an All Engines and More representative will not be refunded. ALL PROBLEMS MUST BE IN WRITING via MAIL, EMAIL OR FAX to verify a problem with a particular part or installation.


Once an order has been placed and the buyer/customer chooses to cancel the order before the item has been shipped, a twenty five percent (25%) cancelation fee may apply.


Damaged Parts/Returns:


If you receive a damaged part or an incorrect part you must notify our customer service department within three (3) business days (72 hours) of arrival. DO NOT SEND THE PART BACK BEFORE RECEIVING INSTRUCTIONS. Returning the part is the responsibility of the customer and must be provided with a return tracking number when the item is returned. The item must be returned within 7 business days of return authorization. The return address will be provided at the time we are contacted. Parts must be returned to the location address provided. Once the item is returned we will gladly issue a full refund on the original purchase price or send a replacement part. Once the item is returned, it will be inspected and upon approval by an All Engines and More manager a credit request will be forwarded to accounting. Customer refunds are issued once the returned part has been verified, inspected and approved by an All Engines and More  manager. The mechanic/shop installing the used part needs to be able to provide us with their ASE certification and/or their license to do business in the state they are working out of. If the mechanic/shop refuses or can't provide us with their License and/or ASE Certification the warranty will become null and voided. We stand behind our warranties and want to make you, our customer, at ease when purchasing a used auto part. If you have any questions feel free to call us.


Non-freight orders approximately ship out within 7 to 15 business days from the day order is placed. Please note that freight orders may take longer. We are not responsible for any late shipments. All shipping dates are given as approximate. Customer shall not be entitled to reductions of price or other offsets as result of late shipment or failure to deliver in estimated time of delivery. We are not responsible for items delivered to the shipping address provided to us at the time of sale which tracking information confirms was delivered, but may have not been taken into the possession by the customer. Tracking information is available within 72 hours on most orders. Due to the fact that we sell used auto parts, any shipment refused due to looks, will make the customer responsible for a 25% restocking fee and all shipping charges.


There are times when we must use one of our distributors to obtain the part requested when we do not have the part stocked in our inventory. If our distributor refuses to accept the part, warranty will be voided only if the customer ordered the part incorrectly or due to buyer’s remorse. You must make an attempt to install the part. If no attempt is made then the warranty is voided. Proper documentation must be provided according to our policies and not the policies of your mechanic.


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